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Sno-Power Rear Blade

Welcome to Sno-Power! Over three decades in the making, Sno-Power is providing the industry the absolute best rear plow EVER! The patented design rear plow is the first product and first step in establishing the Sno-Power brand and identity in the snow and ice management field.

Our design team has nearly 40 years of hands-on, personal experience in snow removal. From frustrating shear pins to catastrophic failures to truck design changes, our designers challenged themselves to deliver a system that addresses each concern while delivering more efficient results. This objective led to our patented universal hitch design and the HW16 rear plow. With additional new products in development, our team will continue to provide robust innovative products.

Our manufacturing, assembly, and service teams have been producing industrial automotive and commercial outdoor power equipment products since 1991. Utilizing best practice manufacturing techniques Sno-Power products are built, assembled, and serviced at the highest of standards – performing at or above customer expectations.

Working together, we will achieve our goal to establish Sno-Power as a market leader!

"When Performance Matters"
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