At Sno-Power, we have made it our goal to provide top of the line snow removal equipment that helps make commercial snow and ice removal more efficient. But don’t just take our word for it. See some of our testimonials from past customers and dealer partners below to see why Sno-Power is changing the way you plow.

The versatility and great performance makes this rear plow the best on the market. You can adapt and overcome many obstacles with ease and best of all, time which saves you money and they look amazing.

Happy with how the company stands behind their products. Thank you Sno-Power!

Yes little bit more money. Can go on any truck that has fifth wheel rails. Don’t need a custom hitch. Transfers way over so not all weight is hanging on the rear frame. Fully adjustable valve body. Wings do 180°. Don’t have bent wing when you blast a light pole or a curb. This list goes on and on. this is Just a few things.

It is awesome that you can be productive going in both directions.

I own five of them. How much downtime did I have with them? None! Honest truth. No bent wings, no shear bolts, Or pins to fix. Nothing! In this industry downtime will kill you. And if you can’t service our customers timely, someone else will. Although I doubted it at first, but 180 wings is actually useful. I windrow along curbs in heavy snow Rather than try to scoop it all and run out of steam before I am at the end. With the ability to windrow I don’t have that issue. I love that all the strength is in my truck and not in my back bumper

"When Performance Matters"
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