At Sno-Power, we have made it our goal to provide top-of-the-line snow removal equipment that helps make commercial snow and ice removal more efficient. But don’t just take our word for it!  Check out what customers and dealer partners are saying about how Sno-Power is changing the way you plow.

Happy with how the company stands behind their products. Thank you, Sno-Power!


It scrapes as good as any front plow I’ve ever seen.


This scoop is awesome.  It has a tube of nitrogen on each cylinder so when you hit something it’s super smooth—it’s way smoother than springs.


It is awesome that you can be productive going in both directions.


I own five of them. How much downtime did I have with them? None! Honest truth. No bent wings, no shear bolts. Or pins to fix. Nothing!  In this industry downtime will kill you.


What I love about this plow is it scrapes really good!


The light bar is super bright.  I love that you don’t need separate lights and you can use your truck lights even when it’s (the plow is) all the way up.


What I like is that you can fit this thing anywhere, and it’s way wider and it pushes way more snow than any Western Wide-Out or V-Plow hands down.


I like that in scoop mode you can move a lot of snow and get into tight areas by moving in the wings.


It almost scrapes better going backwards than it does going forward!


I love the controller!

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